Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit should identify issues, problems and technical barriers across your website. It also should highlight advantages and opportunities that would allow your website to rank higher.
Illustration that represents Technical SEO Audit services/

Standard Audit

Full Crawling of the website
SEO On Page reporting
SEO Off Page reporting
Loading speed analysis
1 hour follow up consulting call
 from 500€

Premium Audit

All Standard Audit items
Core web vitals analysis
Keyword Research
Structure Proposal
1:30 hour follow up consulting call
from 750€

Extra-Premium Audit

All Premium Audit items
Competitor Analysis
SCHEMA markup for 10 URLs
UX and content assessment
2 hours follow up consulting call
from 1100€

Local SEO Audit

Google my Business set up
Keyword research 
Listing audit
On page issues listed
1 hour follow up consulting call
from 600€

How does it work?

Illustration of the audit SEO expert Genaro Palma, introducing himself

First approach

In the first call, we introduce to each other, talk about your project and I will help you to choose the audit that suits the best for your business. 

Usually, for long-term SEO projects, the best option is to choose Premium and extra-premium audit since are very useful to develop a solid SEO strategy. 
Illustration of Genaro Palma doing an exhaustive SEO audit


I will analyze in detail all the technical aspects of your website. 

It includes a full crawling of your website, analyzing your SEO On-page (HTML tags, response codes, URLs, internal linking, etc) and Off-page (social networks, external linking and domain authority) and loading speed. 
Illustration of Genaro Palma doing a website analysis.

Special Analysis

If you choose a premium audit, you will get a keyword research, which will be key to develop an SEO-strategy that suits to your niche and needs. 

If you choose an extra-premium audit, I will also provide you a competitor analysis, which allow us to use already successful examples to create your structure.
Illustration of Genaro Palma writing a structure

SEO-friendly structure

Only provided on the premium and extra-premium audit, the SEO-friendly structure is probably the most interesting feature of our technical SEO audits.

Basically, it consists on a new structure of your website specially created to rank higher, increase organic traffic and target the appropriate researches.
Illustration of Genaro Palma explaining a technical SEO audit

Consulting call

Once I finished the audit, I will send you all the documents with all the technical information. 

As the audit I deliver are quite exhaustive and can easily become too technical, I always do a call, where I explain point by point what must be done and which are the priorities. 
Illustration of Genaro Palma after delivering a white hat SEO audit

My job is done!

After the consulting call, my job is done. It's time for you and your team to apply all the changes listed on the audit. I will remain available in case you have more doubts. 

If necessary, you can always hire a monthly SEO follow up, for me to take care of your SEO on a daily basis.

The benefits of our SEO audits

Rank Higher

Identifying and solving the issues related to your website and web presence is the first step of a good SEO strategy. 

After that, you website will rank higher on search engines. 

Improve User Experience

Many issues identified on our technical web analysis improve, not only ranking and crawling but also some subjects related to user experience, as loading speed, web navigation and other errors like 404 and redirections.  


The main benefit of our Premium and Extra-premium audit is that, thanks to different analysis that we carry out, like keyword research and competitor analysis, we help you to develop an SEO-friendly strategy.

Technical Details

Find here all the details and elements that compose our SEO audits.

Full crawling of the website

  • Google Analytics set-up (if necessary)
  • Google Search Console set-up (if necessary)
  • Google My Business set-up (if necessary)
  • HTTPs Protocol Status
  • Indexability
  • Canonical URLs and duplicate content check-up
  • Manual penalties check-up
  • Algorithmic penalties check-up
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • URL structure
  • Sitemap checks
  • Speed loading report
  • Core web vitals report

SEO On Page

  • Broken links
  • Redirect chains
  • Titles (duplicated, missing, sizes)
  • Metadescriptions (duplicated, multiple, missing, sizes)
  • Headings (duplicated, missing, sizes)
  • Image ALT text (missing, sizes)
  • URL structure

SEO Off-Page

  • Toxic Backlink Checkup
  • Social Network Auick Checkup (verify correct setup)
  • Domain Authority Checkup
  • Main Pages Authority Checkup

Keyword Research

  • Keyword research for the home page
  • Keyword research product/service pages (up to 6 pages)

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor's structure analysis (up to 5 competitors)
  • Competitor's organic traffic estimations (up to 5 competitors)
  • Competitor's organic keywords analysis (up to 5 competitors)


  • SEO-friendly HTML tags guide
  • SEO-friendly content guide
  • Call to explain the full audit

Everything you need to know about web analysis

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is an analysis during which you check different aspects of your website. The aim of a website SEO analysis is to identify technical problems that hinder you to position yourself in the first positions of the search engines.

Why use an SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit tells you exactly where are you right now, what is your situation and what do you need to do to grow your business or company. Every website has different problems or opportunities that hadn't been taken advantage of.

What to expect of our web analysis?

You can expect a document and an explanation of the current situation with a detailed explanation of every subject that we abroad on our technical website analysis. We also provide a list of priorities and action that must be done by your team.

Which audit is the best for me?

Every business and website is different. That's the reason why every client has different needs depending on their goals, their situation and how did their website has been built.

If you are not sure which kind of audit suits the best for you, give in touch and we will advice you.
Illustration of an audit SEO proffessional.
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