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I develop SEO-friendly websites, optimized for Google Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Update. The benefits of an SEO-optimized website are huge, since they not only increasing your rankings on SERP, but also reducing the bounce rate and improving user experience. 
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SEO-Friendly Websites: Pricing

Standard Website

6 pages
SEO-copywriting guide
Web structure guidance
SCHEMA markup
Performant Core Web Vitals
from 4000€

Premium Website

9 pages
SEO-Optimized Copywriting
Customized Web Structure
SCHEMA markup
Performant Core Web Vitals
from 6000€

What makes my SEO-friendly websites different?

Logo of WordPress, the CMS I use to build SEO-ready websites.


Developing a website in WordPress has many benefits and it's the perfect option for small and medium companies that needs to handle their own website without any developer on their team. 

Among the main reasons to choose WordPress, we can highlight the easy way to add complex functions thanks to plugins, pre-build blog support and good SEO features.

Logo of Oxygen, the builder I use to build SEO-friendly websites.

Oxygen Builder

As you might know, in WordPress you have different themes, which has a direct impact on your website performance. Many people claims that WordPress is not performant, but the real problem is that they chose the wrong theme. 

I work with Oxygen Builder, the most performant visual builder for WordPress, which is the key element to pass Core Web Vitals

Logo of SiteGround the hosting I use to build SEO-optimized websites.

Site Ground

Hosting has also a strong impact on your website performance. Having a hosting that allows you to easily change your PHP version and that uses HTTP/2 protocol. A good hosting should also be easy to use, a nice interface and have a very good support (preferably live chat).

Those are the reasons why  I choose SiteGround for all my websites. 

Logo of Google Page Speed, the tool to measure website performance

Performant Loading Speed

Although related to Core Web Vitals, the loading speed of a site is another ranking factor that has a direct impact on the bounce rate and the user experience.

I guarantee that my website developers will have a minimum of 80/100 on mobile and 90/100 on desktop, using Google Speed Insights as a measurement tool.

Illustration that represents core web vitals

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are a set of metrics created by Google, whose objective is to measure certain aspects of the user experience on a web page.

The truth is that today, most of the websites do not pass Google's expectation. I've been working on improving loading speed for several years and I have several examples of sites that pass Google requirements.

Illustration of SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Optimization

Beyond loading times and technical aspects, there are other elements that have a direct impact on your website SEO. It is important to understand that there are more than 200 factors that impacts on  Google's positioning.

Among them, we can mention having a logical and optimized web structure based on keywords, the proper use of all HTML tags (alt texts, headings, titles and meta descriptions) and how the content is arranged.

The benefits of our SEO services

HTTPs Protocol

HTTPs or Hypertext transfer protocol secure is the safe version of HTTP, and focuses on whether the site’s association is secure and if the site is being served over HTTPS or not.

It's definitely a ranking factor and one of the old web vitals.


SCHEMA markup is a semantic vocabulary that has been created by search engines. It helps the Google and other search engine provide more informative results for its users.

In all my websites I add schema markup in the most important pages, to increase the possibility to stand out with Rich Snippets.

Mobile Friendliness

In 2021, 56% of web visitors look our websites on their mobile devices. That's why optimizing your website for mobile screens is a ranking factor and a Google web vital.

All the websites developed by me pass Google Mobile Friendliness test and Google Search Console report.

My SEO-ready websites: Technical Details

Find here all the details and guarantees of my SEO-ready websites.

Hosting and Domain

Content Planning

I take care of buying and setting up your hosting and domain if needed. In the other hand, the cost of both of them is not included on the price of the website. Usually it's 100-200 USD yearly for your hosting and 10 USD for the domain. 

It's important to highlight that I guarantee performant Core Web Vitals while using SiteGround.

HTTPs Protocol

All the websites developed by me load 100% of its pages and ressources on HTTPs protocol. 

CMS and Builder

All the websites developed by me are built in WordPress and uses Oxygen Builder. 

Easy Backup and Restore system

All the websites developed by me includes an easy backup and restore system, which allow you to create manual backups and restore them in just one click. 

Google tools installed

I install and set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console on every website. We also create users for you and your team to have full access to them. 

Loading Speed Optimization

I use WP Rocket to optimize JavaScript and CSS code, compress GZIP, set up cache and create critical CSS for pages and blog articles.


I take care of the install and set-up of your CDN on the website, if needed. In the other hand, the cost of the CDN is not included on the price. Usually it's 10USD/month. 


This topic depends on the option you choose. 

If you pick a standard website, we will give you a quick assessment and guidance about how to create a structure for you website. This option will be the best option if you have a website already working on SEO. 

If you pock a premium website, we will do a detailed keyword research and competitor analysis to provide you an SEO-friendly structure. This is the best option if you have no website or if you SEO is not going well. 

SCHEMA markup

I add custom SCHEMA markup to the most important pages of your website:

  • Home page
  • Services/Product pages
  • About
  • Contact

Technical SEO

I take care of create and set up all the technical aspects that every website should have:

  • robot.txt
  • sitemap.xml
  • SEO plugin install and set up
  • well formatted URLs and files
  • optimized meta descriptions and titles

FAQ about SEO-optimized website

What is an SEO-friendly website? 

An SEO friendly website is a website that has been conceived to rank high in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Unlike classic websites, which are created by a developer and then optimized by a marketing team, SEO-optimized websites are conceived with the idea of positioning themselves, which is why they have a better loading speed and a custom structure designed to achieve the most demanding ranking objectives.

Why should you invest in a SEO-ready website?

Whenever the objective of your website is to increase your customers and income or improve your brand positioning, you will need to position yourself in search engines.

Buying an optimized website allows you to save time and money, since it saves you initial marketing steps, such as hiring an SEO audit and paying a developer to apply all those changes.

In addition, another advantage is that optimized sites use the most powerful tools from the beginning, while common sites tend to use heavy themes and plugins, which are incompatible with an optimal loading speed.

What's the price of an SEO-optimized website? 

Every website is different. Size, custom functions, languages and number of pages have a direct impact on pricing. 

Starting price for standard SEO-friendly website is 4000€ and 6000€ for premium ones.

Is there any extra-cost? 

Yes. Besides of the price of your SEO-optimized website, you will have to pay regularly for: 

- Hosting: usually 100-200€ per year for a good hosting. 
- Domain: usually 10€ per year for your domain. 
- CDN (optional): usually 10€ per month. 

You can also hire a maintenance service for me to take care and do changes of your website in a daily basis. 
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