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Local businesses, startups, online stores and large companies choose my SEO consulting to improve their digital presence and increase their organic traffic.
"Thanks to his qualities and his particularly advanced technical knowledge, Genaro has allowed us in a few months to significantly improve the rankings of our website in Google"
Photo of Thierry Sestrieres, cliente of my search engine optimization coaching services
Thierry Sestrieres
Founder of Natura Force
"The SEO collaboration with Genaro is fundamental for the economic growth of my company. The ROI is very high and the results were visible from the first months."
Photo of Matias Rodsevich, client of my Google SEO coaching services
Matias Rodsevich
Founder & CEO of PRLab
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SEO coaching. All inclusive.

Opt for SEO coaching if you need a complete consultancy. If, on the other hand, you need help with specific topics, I offer focused services.

Specific solutions

Opt for SEO coaching if you need a complete consultancy. If, on the other hand, you need help with specific topics, I offer focused services.
I will help you implement processes to improve your SEO.
I will teach you best-practices and effective techniques.
I will share current SEO trends for your benefit.
I will be available for consultation and ongoing SEO support.
SEO Audit
SEO Websites
Link Building
Local SEO

SEO Audit

Audits are the first step to be taken by a company that wants to start doing SEO. Their objective is not only to detect problems and opportunities, but also to develop a successful strategy that facilitates positioning.
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SEO-Friendly Websites

I create websites specially designed for SEO. From the technical aspects, such as the proper use of tags and structured data, to the analysis of keywords, your competitors and the creation of a custom SEO strategy.
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Link Building

Many companies decide to work in-house on their own SEO, but choose to outsource linkbuilding due to the complexity of it. In my case, I use white hat methods and get an average of 10-15 do-follow links per month.
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Local SEO

Local SEO is useful for companies that offer their products or services in a specific geographic area, such as dental clinics, lawyers, notaries, real estate agencies and restaurants.
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SEO coaching is all-inclusive, though there are other alternatives available.

Getting to know me

With a wealth of experience, I've worked as an SEO coach, offering consultancy services and managing SEO for various companies, along with personal projects.
8 years of experience in the field
Success stories in Europe, the USA, and Latin America
Successful management of websites with up to 700,000 visitors per month
Experience in highly complex SEO scenarios
Marco Genaro Palma
your SEO coach
Photo of Marco Genaro Palma, SEO coach

Exponential growth and success stories

More information about my clients and success stories

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My customers rely on me

In addition to achieving results for the companies I work with, I maintain excellent relationships with them over the years. I focus not only on SEO, but on understanding their industry, to help them establish SEO processes that will benefit them in the long run.
Average annual traffic increase of my clients
Case studies with successful results
  • "We have been working together for more than 5 years in different web creation, SEO and local SEO projects. We can highlight the professionalism, dedication and the results obtained."
    Léa Soller
    Founder & CEO of Digiberries Paris
  • "After we lost a lot of traffic from Google, Genaro helped us restructure our SEO strategy, and also advised us during the execution. Our traffic doubled in 9 months. The results and the collaboration were extraordinary."
    Tobias Liebsch
    Co-Founder at
  • "We started working with Genaro the day we opened the doors of our dental clinic. We have grown significantly month by month and Google has become our main marketing channel."
    Eugenia Sørensen
    Founder of Clínica Dental Sørensen


Some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked by most clients about my services and how they can help their company.

SEO is a branch of marketing that consists of optimizing internal factors (such as content, technical aspects and internal linking) and external factors (such as obtaining backlinks and improving the presence in networks) in order to improve a website's positioning in search engines and thus increase organic traffic.

In simpler words, we can define SEO as a group of actions that we apply to improve the positioning of a website in Google (I say Google, since more than 9 users out of 10 use this search engine).

Simply put, SEO aims to improve your company's position in relevant Google searches. Better positioning leads to more clicks and more organic traffic. This, in turn, translates into increased conversions, whether they are leads or sales, which will increase your revenue.

The reality is that it is very difficult to make forecasts in SEO. The results depend on many factors, both internal (application of all the required processes, limitations of the CMS in which the website has been created, quality of the content) and external (backlinks obtained, competitiveness of the sector).

In general, we usually see the first positive results between the first four and seven months of the collaboration, although we have had cases where we have been able to see the results in the second and third month, and others where it has taken us nine months.

The choice between SEO and paid ads depends on the objectives and budget of each company, as each channel has its advantages.

Generally, for those who need immediate traffic, ads are ideal, although more expensive. On the other hand, SEO is more suitable for medium and long-term strategies and, if done correctly, usually generates more traffic at a significantly lower cost, making it a more cost-effective channel.

It is important to remember that these are not mutually exclusive methods and a combined strategy can often be the best option.

The SEO coaching service I offer is complete and works as a consultancy. I am available for a fixed number of hours each month, during which I will carry out all the necessary actions to optimize your SEO.

Generally, I start with an audit in the first month, followed by eight months of active consulting. During this time, I implement several strategically prioritized actions to improve your online presence.

Some clients may require specific services, such as an audit, local SEO or link building. While I can offer assistance focused exclusively on these areas, I always recommend considering SEO coaching services. This approach not only addresses one-off needs, but provides comprehensive and ongoing advice, maximizing long-term results.

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