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Hey, I'm Genaro Palma. I'm a freelance SEO specialist in Amsterdam experienced in corporate companies, startups and small businesses. I provide effective SEO services to make sure your business can be found in Google, get you more leads and increase your revenue.
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Why choosing my freelance SEO Services in Amsterdam?

My Amsterdam SEO Services are customised according to your initial status, your possibilities or budget, and your business needs.

It's important to understand that the competition in Amsterdam is strong. Many companies and businesses are also hiring other Amsterdam SEO specialists that will help them to rank higher on Google. This means that there is no easy way to magically make things work from one day to another. SEO is a middle and long-term way to do marketing, but having a solid and continuous SEO strategy will have a very positive impact on your holistic marketing goals. It is also one of the best ways to help your business growth initiatives.
Also remember, every niche and location is unique and will require custom SEO strategies to have good results. The amount of content, keyword usage, videos or images needed in a website will vary based on location. This is because Google assigns certain requirements for a specific keyword in a specific place. In addition, Google takes more than 200 factors into account when deciding which website they will rank first.

As a digital expert, my Amsterdam SEO Services and web development skills are accounted for. I’ve helped companies and local businesses in Amsterdam, and those in other big European cities, to out rank their competitors.

Why do you need an SEO audit?

When we want to rank locally (either in a city-level or a country level) the most important thing is to make Google understand that you are an important asset in your city (especially with local and small business) and a reference in your niche. Google needs to understand that you are the best option in Amsterdam for the product you sell (or the service that you provide) and that you are famous in the area. More importantly, Google needs to know that you’re trusted in your market, with reliable and relevant information to share.

To get this result, the most important thing is that Google fully understands what your business is about, which products you sell (or which services you provide), what times you are open, and all the other "basic information". If you search on the web among your competitors, you will see that most of the local businesses show a lack of consistency in this: addresses, time schedules and even links to the main website don't always match.

NAP Consistency

Consistency has a huge impact on rankings. I will make sure that all the listings and accounts that are linked to your website provide the same information. For example, name, opening and closing time, phone number, emails, description and logo (among others).

Custom SCHEMA markup

Consistency will be supported with custom SCHEMA markup. SCHEMA is a language that has been created by main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex) and that allows us to easily communicate with them. I will use SCHEMA to give search engines all the information they need to fully understand your business.

NAP Creation

We will sign up your website in pages and listings that are a reference for Google (in general, in your country and in your field). This way, Google will have more information about your page and will place it among the best ones of your city.

Google myBusiness Optimization

Your GMB account plays a huge role in Local SEO. While not so much for ranking, but to increase Conversion Rate, having a fully optimized GMB account will increase your sales much more than you can expect (we’ve helped some of our clients to improve their conversion rate by 75%-100%).

On Page Optimization

There will be some little On Page aspects that must be optimized and that will help you to rank. A mix between Google my Business and optimized pages (heading, titles, ALT text and URLs) will help you to improve your rankings and increase traffic.
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My Amsterdam Keyword Research

Another big step that must be taken into account is keyword research.
Let's use the example of one of my clients: PRLab Amsterdam.
PRLab is a public relations company based in Amsterdam. I started working with them in February 2020, and they had approximately 200 visitors per month from Google, mainly "branded traffic" (it means people that were looking for "PRLab" or "PRLab Amsterdam"). After following this process, we passed from the position 16 to 1 for the keyword "PR Agency Amsterdam" and we rank 1st for "PR Agency" when its searched from the Netherlands. Today PRLab has more than 1200 organic visitors per month, which means an increase of 500% of their SEO traffic.

After the Keyword Research

SEO Audit and Optimization

After doing the keyword research, the competitor analysis, the Google my Business optimization and the On-Page optimization, I will do some technical checks on Google Search Console to check that all the website is indexable and to submit new pages if necessary.

Local Listings

Our local SEO techniques will help you to improve your visibility in Google Maps and increase leads and revenues.

Off Page SEO

Two things play an important role in what we call Off Page SEO: Branding, backlinks and social media.

While branding is not a subject abroad by SEOs, the fact is: The more information there is about your brand in Google, the more important they’ll think you are. This is strictly related to Social Media. We will only be sure that your social media accounts are properly linked to your website and that this is indicated by OR in your SCHEMA markup. It is important for you to try and improve your branding and social media presence as much as possible.

Concerning backlinks (one of the oldest ranking factors): Having many links pointing to your website means that you are relevant for a certain topic, and this increases your authority in Google's eyes. Getting backlinks can be a very boring task, but it makes a big difference. It is important for you to get in touch with people that can write about you and make a link to your website.

SEO Optimized Content

Either blog articles, either service or product pages, is important to create content about what people is searching in Google.
In my opinion, the best is first focusing on creating as many pages you can about your product or services and only then create a blog to talk about more specific subjects. For doing this, is always good to use the keyword research that we provided during the first step.

Hire me as your Amsterdam SEO specialist

You found me because I did my job and ranked between all the SEO specialists in Amsterdam for the keyword "SEO Amsterdam", "SEO Expert Amsterdam", "freelancer SEO specialist" or "SEO Specialist Amsterdam". If I can do this competing among other SEO pro's, it means that I definitely can do it for your business.

If you want to improve your Google ranking, grow your online presence and increase your revenue, work with me to help take your business to the next level. Get in touch with me today!
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